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Rohan Predator Change Job Quest PHP


Dhan Predator

1. Predator's Manners
Talk to Gamaharo Huma.. then talk to him again..
He'll ask you to talk to Hizino(melee weapon merchant)
Then talk to Gamaharo Huma.. to finish the quest

2.Kalis' Whereabouts
Talk to Gamaharo Huma..
talk to Avigail(Bindstone Keeper)
she'll point out that you need to kill "dangerous footprints" monster(located at 3 G) to obtain the needed item
then kill another 10 of the monster then report back to Gamaharo Huma

3.Painful Realization
talk to Gamaharo huma
he'll ask you to collect 10 "bones of failure" from serpenter caliphs(Located at 3 I - or the 3 bridges of dharvegawan)
Report back to Gamaharo Huma

4.Secret Without a Trace
Talk to Gamaharo Huma..
He'll ask you to talk to Damats Heartwell..
Go to Sirka Observatory of Kai'non and find the Brand New Statue( Located at 2 G)
Report back to Gamaharo Huma

5.Three Demon's That Are Sealed
Talk to Gamaharo Huma
Go To Liom Map - ( 8 J Location) - you'll find three chests
Open the Chest Of Kamash and kill him..
Then The Chest Of Mara and Kill Him..
Then the Last chest and Obtain a "blood of an Offering"
Report Back to Gamaharo Huma

6.New Mission
Talk to gamaharo Huma..


Buy Portal Stones from the sundries merchant from the gathering hall

    * Artic Sea Portal Stone - For Dangerous Footprints
    * Engraged NetherWorld Portal Stone - For Serpenter Caliphs
    * Bergendy Brewery or Kainon Portal Stone - For Brand New Statue
    * Limestone Foothill Portal Stone - For The Three Demons

You'll want to have these stones for easier traveling

Bring A Soft Kahto Pet with you for more mobility

You'll Encounter a LOT of Magic Type Mobs on your way to your quest
just use hide skill for monster with level 55 and below..
Stay away from them as much as possible

on the Quest monsters
the hardest part will be with Serpenter Caliphs

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