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Rohan Guardian Job Change Quest PHP


- Human Guardian

First Quest
You need to find Camila (bindstone guard) at Caronia's tomb bindstone located at varrylon. Buy a limestone foothill portal stone, portal there, and walking from limestone foothill bindstone is easier to get there.

Second Quest
After you chat with Camila, you need to kill one boss named Boyton Haraford located near southwest of Varrow Forest bindstone. Varrow Forest is at east of the varrylon map, Geizan map. from Caronia's tomb, follow the route and walk to the east. You will arrive Geizan map.

Keep walking to the east at Geizan map. After u cross the bridge, u can see there is Ursa mage at yr right hand side(from character sight), and boyton is on a hill(can be called as high-land) behind the Ursa mage, surrounded by paragon guardian. Although boyton haraford is with aura, but it is easy to kill. after killing boyton, follow the instruction and looking for next NPC to pass the quest (whether palace NPC or Camila, I forget).

After that you will busy getting many exp from walking around palace to pass the quest.

After that, palace NPC will order you to find a "traces of Dhan". It is in Caronia's Tomb dungeon (north of Caronia's bindstone). Try to find some follower, better a priest to barrier you so you wont get hurted by magic mobs.

In the dungeon, get to the room I marked. After going to the room, the "box" is at lower right corner of the room (when you stand at the room entrance), shaped like a steel box. when u open the box, REMEMBER DONT PARTY TO ANYONE or you have to do the quest again.


After finishing this quest, pass it to the palace NPC and get ready for the next boss.

This last boss is located at Varrylon map also. It located at the small island south-west of pine plateau bindstone. For the big map u could see a yellow dot with "3rd Water Element", ere is the location of the boss. This boss is surrounded by 3 beholder shape lv 1 magic mobs. Kill all 3 of them and final is the boss. This boss need long time to kill but it only hurts you a bit compare to the 3 lv1 magic mobs.

After killing the boss, pass it to the palace NPC. congratulation, you are now a Guardian^^

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